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    Our Community is dedicated to Our Lady whom we venerate with the title of "Foederis Arca", at the heart of the city, in Piazza Portanova, near the small Church of St. Pietro in Vinculis, which was originally the seat of the Confraternity with the same name, founded in the second half of the 1500s, with the mission of assisting prisoners.

    Our religious family has been present here since 11 February 1958, when, at the request of our Foundress, Venerable Maria Oliva Bonaldo of the Mystical Body, his Excellency Monsignor Demetrio Moscato entrusted it to our care, instituting the Diocesan Eucharistic Center.

    The Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament becomes for the faithful and for us solicitation to constant prayer, in the name of all and for the salvation of all. We take care with love the Liturgy of the Hours celebrating the Lauds and the Vespers together with the faithful who are eager to pray with the prayer of the Church, which is the cry and aspiration of the Holy Spirit.

    The Eucharist celebrated and adored is therefore our first apostolate and is the characteristic of our presence in this Diocese of Salerno-Campagna-Acerno.

    In community we are engaged together, in liturgical animation in the Diocesan Eucharistic Center, as well as in pastoral activities in the diocese and in our Parish of St. Augustine (catechesis for children preparing for the sacraments of confession and communion; parents, animation of Eucharistic and vocational days, collaboration with Catholic Action present in the Parish, parish missionary group, communion for the sick, preparation of ministrants).

    We also offer with joy, according to our possibilities, an apostolic service:

    - in the school, where a sister teaches Catholic Religion;

    - in the diocesan USMI;

    - in the reception of various prayer groups in the Eucharistic Center;

    - in the attention to the hungry of bread and of God;

    - in the Lay Association of the Daughters of the Church.

    Foederis Arca


    • Portanuova, 2
    • 84122
    • Nazione: Italy


    • Telephone: 0039 089-229901
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