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    The Community of Rosa Mystica in Treviglio was opened on 11 February 1956 at the request of Mons. Pietro Cazzulani who urged the Foundress to send a small group of sisters for adoration in the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Lacrime.

    Many years have passed... today, we have a reason to thank, to praise, to bless the Lord for the gift of the Eucharist, in which Christ Jesus offers himself to us as bread for our journey and for the protection of the Virgin, Rosa Mystica who accompanies us with her maternal gaze. Together with the animation of the Eucharistic Adoration and liturgical prayers, preparation for the sacraments of Christian initiation and ministry of communion to the sick is done with commitment.

    The presence in the parish office allows us to continue welcoming and listening to the Word of God which becomes "history" in the lives of the men and women of our time.

    For some years now, following the current orientation of Pastoral Care, the community participates in the "Listening to the Word" groups in which Christians increasingly learn to found their life on the Word of God.

    To the "Lay Association of the Daughters of the Church" of Treviglio, the community offers every week a special moment for Lectio divina and apostolic formation.

    With renewed enthusiasm we thus live in our community our being Daughters of the Church, with the keen desire to be a small seed that, by the grace of the Lord, bear abundant fruit.

    Rosa Mystica


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