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    The Community began in April 1965, with the blessing of Mons. Giovanni Melis, Bishop of Nuoro, authorizing the Sisters to build a small house adjacent to the church of Santa Croce, in the territory of the Diocese.

    "The principal apostolic works to which they dedicate themselves with full satisfaction to mine and to the faithful, writes Msgr. Melis on January 6, 1983, are: adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, teaching catechism in the parish; teaching of religion in the middle school; extraordinary ministry of the Eucharist to the sick; reception of religious and ecclesial groups for days of retreat and study; meetings of religious and ecumenical culture ".

    The Eucharistic Adoration, the main aim of this new foundation, began on February 2, 1966. Later started to teach in the magisterial school, visit the prisoners, and spread the Word of the Pope and other books, published by our Congregation, above all to work in the pastoral care of vocations, welcoming young people who wish to follow us in religious life. Since the beginning, this church has been the center of prayer for the union of Christians, with great participation of the faithful.

    Turris Davidica


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