The name “Daughters of the Church” expresses our charism:

To know, love and bear witness to the Church, to make her known and loved, to pray, work and suffer for her, in imitation of Jesus, who «loved the Church and sacrificed himself for her».
To know the Church: the Holy Church is not known, is not loved because the One who gave birth to her in sorrow is not known and loved…
To love the Church as Christ her Saviour loved her and gave himself for her.

To witness to the Church, which is a mystery of the Trinitarian communion, to live the “unum sint” in the spirit of the priestly prayer of Christ (Jn 17), from which our Institute has drawn its own inspiration and life.
To make the Church known and loved, in the neighbourhood, in the Parish, in the local Church, wherever we are, by fostering the building up of an ecclesial conscience.
To pray for the Church: prayer with the Church and for the Church opens us to universality.
To work for the Church: to participate in its mission of communicating to brothers and sisters the riches of its mystery, according to the mottos given by the Foundress: «From Eucharistic Body to the Mystical Body»; «Contemplatives and therefore apostles».
To suffer for the Church, to the point of sacrificing health and life, if God asks it, in imitation of Jesus who «loved the Church and sacrificed himself for her». 


Our spirituality is a spirituality of communion that urges us “to feel with the Church”, sentire cum Ecclesia, is our password. To feel, to love, to move, to work together with the Church, our Mother, with a sincere desire to make known to the world God’s passionate love for humanity.

Our Foundress affirms: «The true oxygen that the Mystical Body of the Church is in need of today is our joy in being her daughters and in witnessing to it with a bright face so that those who see us would confess, God exists, He is Love».

Our prayer draws upon the inexhaustible riches of the paschal mystery of Christ that will direct us with always-new zeal towards the liturgical, sacramental, and Eucharistic spirituality of our Mother Church.

The Eucharist constitutes the centrality of our being the Daughters of the Church, which nourishes our inner life by the humble and prayerful listening of the Word of God, inspires the fraternal relationships, makes us one Body and adorers of Christ who became the Living Bread for all.