Constitutions of the Daughters of the Church

The Constitutions are the fundamental text of a religious institute which contains its principal rule of life and its spiritual and governing norms. The Code of Canon Law demands that every religious congregation has its Constitutions in order to guard faithfully its charism and the identity according to the intentions of the respective Founder or Foundress.

"Holy Constitutions - Maria Oliva Bonaldo used to say to us - because they are given by God to us by means of the evangelical counsels and by the Church through the infallibility which canonizes the Saints. Thus they are sanctifying first and most of all: they must be considered as Gospel for us; Our Gospel. They are a sure passport, which is guaranteed by the most certain of charism. I also repeat to you in a motherly way to venerate our holy and sacred Constitutions, keeping them as you would keep holy and sacred things: I beg you to read, to study and to mediate them each day as Word of Jesus and of the Church”.