Ecclesia Mater
(quarterly periodical of the institute)

The periodical, Ecclesia Mater has its beginning in 1963, when our Foundress Maria Oliva Bonaldo, following the event of Vatican Council II, felt the need to make us “feel with the Church”, our Holy Mother, and to realize that we are ‘the Church’, being her daughters. With the help of the spiritual masters of the time and following the instructions of the Council, the periodical (Ecclesia Mater) offers study material for reflection and a deeper understanding of the mystery and the reality of the Church, with an ever growing attention to Mary, the type and model of the Church and of our union with Christ.

It offers studies on themes of ecclesial theological relevance and develops them in various aspects, biblical, theological, Marian, ecumenical.

It presents the various Christian Churches in order to promote mutual understanding, in a world where distances are shortened, so as to collaborate in the great cause of unity in Christ.

The section on Life opens a window on ecclesial current events with flashes, snapshots, events and situations that will enkindle hope in the people.

It is a quarterly publication to which one or two Booklets are added as a supplement, for further reflection and in-depth study.

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