Preliminary phase

  • Sunday 16

    11th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Celebration of the second Vespers of the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

    Opening of the 12th General Chapter and opening address of Sr. Theresa Purayidathil GSR

  • Monday 17

    Day of Recollection facilitated by Fr. Carlo Maria Zanotti SDB

    Election of the Scrutineers, Secretary and Moderator

    Approval of the Instrumentum Laboris, of the agenda, and of the Procedural Norms

  • Tuesday 18


Informative phase

  • Wednesday 19

    Report of the Superior General

    (Clarifications, Group work)

    Report of the General Treasurer

    Report of the Postulator

  • Thursday 20

    Report of the Communities dependent on the General Council (Clarifications)

    Report of the Delegations- Colombia-Ecuador, Bolivia and Brasil (Clarifications)

  • Friday 21

    Report of the Delegations Italy and India


    Report of the Missionary Office (Clarifications)

  • Saturday 22

    Report of the Lay Association Figli della Chiesa, Ecclesia Mater and Priests

    Communication about the Open Family

    Communication about the Association Sicut novella Olivarum

  • Sunday 23

    Communication about the Internal Publications (Journal, Bulletin)

    Various Letters to the General Chapter

    Communication of the young Sisters (Juniors, Novices)

    Communication about the web site

Planning phase

  • Monday 24

    Methodological Indications by Dr. Gloria Conti on the study of the Instrumentum  Laboris

    Personal and Group Study of the Instrumentum laboris

  • Tuesday 25

    Discussion on  Instrumentum laboris

  • Wednesday 26

    Participation in Wednesday's General Audience of the Holy Father Francis

  • Thursday 27

    Discussion on Instrumentum laboris

Elective phase

  • Friday 28

    Election of the Superior General

    The Bishop of the diocese of Porto-Santa Rufina, His Excellency Gino Reali presides over the Eucharist

    Day of celebration

  • Saturday 29

    Election of the 4 General Councillors
  • Sunday 30

    Discussion on the draft of the Economic Directory and its approval

    Afternoon- free

Decision making and final phase

  • From Monday 1 to Sunday 7 - July

    Chapter deliberations ((modalities for the elections of the Delegates to General Chapter 2025 and to the Plenary Council 2022, economic aspects) . Drafting of the Pastoral Project of the Institute for the six-year period 2019-2025.

  • Monday 8 July


NB: Wednesday July 10

Eucharistic Celebration at Sancta Maria on the occasion of 43rd Dies Natalis of the Foundress