Our commitment to Vocational Youth Ministry derives from the Word of God: Jesus looked at him and loved him (Mc 10:21). There is a loving and tender gaze of our Lord Jesus Christ on every human being.

As the young man who came to Jesus and asked: What must I do to have eternal life? we often notice in the young people, a search for meaning in life. They look for that which gives them everlasting joy. Therefore, we need to take seriously this quest of our young generation and offer them wise guidance. In our encounters with the youth, we try to transmit to them the joy of following Christ’s teachings for an authentic life.

In our summer camps, we provide them opportunity to spend a few days away from their homes, learning to live together as brothers and sisters, and reflecting on Christian values in view of a discernment for life. We listen to the numerous questions that come from their seemingly contradictory world, but which bear the features of Jesus, the Beloved Son of God. We are attentive to the new educational challenges in a world that is constantly changing, but which has its meaning and its direction only in Jesus Christ, the Lord.

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Friday 16 November 2018 16

Week-start di spiritualità

Vicenza, Viale Risorgimento Nazionale,74
Al via i week-start! La nostra vita è un viaggio ma... con quali strumenti ci attrezziamo? 

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Veglia missionaria. #noviziato #figliedellachiesa presenti!
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