The Journey

In Indian delegation there are many opportunities to work with the youth both Christian and people of other faith such as in the parishes, schools, retreat centres and in the field of social work.

Spiritual assistance: The youth of today needs to be guided and given directions to live their spiritual life. Kerala Catholic Youth Movements (KCYM) is an association of the Christian youth mainly in the parishes. The main aim of KCYM is the integral development of the Catholic Youth and the total liberation of human society in accordance with the Christian values. It is to coordinate and empower the human potentials of youth based on the Gospel values, to make them effective agents of change in the socio-religious-political-economic and cultural reality of India, through National integration. It also aims at making the youth committed to the serving mission of the Church to the least, last and the lost.  We the Daughters of the Church take initiatives to work with the Christian youth through this association. A good group of youth attend the classes based on YOU-cat and participate in the prayer service conducted once a month. We encourage them to take initiatives in the parish Church activities especially during the Christmas, Easter and Church feasts. 

Parish activities: Sisters take catechism classes for the youth and impart to them Christian values; they do organize activities like Bible Quiz, Parable enacting and Cultural programmes based on the Holy Scripture.

Liturgical animation: Liturgy is the source and summit of the Christian life. Seminars are organized at the parish and diocesan level to explain the liturgy, its importance and richness in life. In many churches, the youth form the parish choir and take initiatives to animate the Liturgy on Sundays and feast days. The Sisters support them to organize the World day of Youth with cultural programme and prayer services accompanied with signs and symbols. 

Reaching out to the poor:   Passion for the poor is one of the aspects of our Charism. We try to inculcate in the youth a spark of it by initiating them to visit the sick and aged of our parish. We also accompany them at times to visit the homes for the aged and to present them something from out of their littleness. The youth of the parish engage in manual work for the construction of the houses of the poor people of the parish. They make sacrifices and collect money in order to help the poor families. With great enthusiasm, they decorate the Christmas tree with gifts on it and share the joy and peace of the Child Jesus amidst the people.

Personal accompaniment: The youth often need a point of reference for their life. In parishes and schools, Sisters help the youth personally through counseling, especially when they run into confusions in their life’s journey, trying to motivate them with affable dialogues, and helping them to understand God’s Love and care in their personal life. We give them guidance to grow in the moral values and to make their life meaningful.