To live as the flame of love to witness Christ

To live as the flame of love to witness Christ

Mié, 05 May 21 Vida del Instituto



I am Benedict Damor Priyanka SAP from Thandla Madhya Pradesh (India) was born in a devoted family and my parents developed in me the respect for the Holy Eucharist, devotion to Mother Mary and taught me to read the Holy Bible every day.

The desire to be religious, sprouted in my heart at the age of thirteen encouraged by my uncle who was a seminarian, keeping this desire in my heart I started to participate in the Holy Mass every day. At that time my Diocese had been facing many challenges caused by RSS group towards the Christian and towards the people of my parish, but my way was clear, no one came on my way.

The only saint about whom I knew from my early childhood was Saint Antony of Padua who was an inspiration for me to abandon myself totally to God and to give Him full freedom to take hold of my soul.  After my class-10, I expressed my desire to be religious to my assistant parish priest Fr. Ajit, who directed me to the Daughters of the Church at Dhar. There I came to experience the life of the daughters of the church their love for the church, Holy Eucharist, Mother Mary and Word of God, and the service to the poor especially the leper. Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo says “let us remain simple and humble with the flame of Love which gives but expects nothing in return” this thought of mother inspired me to seek nothing for my comfort but to seek only the will of God. 

Now I am proud to be a daughter of the Church because I find all the spiritual treasures in this religious family that make my life richer and happier. Therefore bold and happy I am taking my steps forward to say Christ my final yes to the one who has always kept me as the apple of his eye.