IV Sunday of Easter

IV Sunday of Easter

Sáb, 24 Abr 21 Lectio Divina - Año B

1 reading- Acts: 4:8-12, 2 reading: 1 Jn: 3:1-2, Gospel Jn 10: 11-18

The liturgy of this Sunday pins our attention, to the point that is “The price of genuine love”.

In the first reading, Peter filled with the Holy Spirit speaks to the rulers of the people and elders who had killed Jesus, fear of whom he denied the master thrice, on the way to Calvary. He spoke with holy boldness. He said Jesus whom you have killed, and whom God raised on the third day.” We have the Christological kerygma of the Jewish sermons in its tersest formulation in these two clauses. An ecclesiological application is implied here that is the Holy boldness, which connotes the freedom and confidence that the Devine Spirit gives to the spokespersons despite the dangers. It’s the hallmark of the apostles’ preaching.

The second reading depicts the mind of John, how the love of God for each individual is expressed in one’s own state of life. “See how much love the Father has given us, that we should be called the children of God! 3:1. So God’s Love for every human being is certain but it’s up to you and me to realize it in our lives.

the Gospel is an excellent proof that God leads and guides us on our way to the good shepherd. What is the characteristic of an ideal leader is this he knows his sheep and calls each one by name. He walks ahead so that the sheep follow his steps. It’s not that he demands or commands them to walk the way he intends but he becomes the way for them to be an example. John again explains in today’s Gospel the difference between the hired hand the owner.

What a hired man does?

He does not bother about the sick, wounded and little ones.

He runs away for his life when any danger comes and is not worried about the sheep. But whereas the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. Only a single phrase is sufficient to explain the love of the owner that is “lays down his life for the sheep”. And Jesus himself explained that there is no greater love than this to lay down one’s life for his friend (Jn:15:13). So then, it is clear that Jesus the good shepherd proved his love for his sheep by giving up his life on the cross. Therefore, fair and fake love is visible in every action.

Let us pray.

God our creator, the good shepherd who laid down your life to us your sheep, look with compassion on your family to rekindle the true love in our hearts that we may burn with the zeal you have created us with. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen