XIII Sunday of ordinary time

XIII Sunday of ordinary time

Sáb, 26 Jun 21 Lectio Divina - Año B

Wisdom1,13-15;2,23-24 ,2 Cor 8,7.9.13-15, Mk 5,21-43

 The first reading of today from the book of wisdom speaks that God does not take pleasure in the death of anyone because he is the creator as written in the book of Gen: 1 that everything God created was good. He breathes his life that we may live as He is. But wisdom: 2:24 says through the devil’s envy death entered the world. The creator never desires the destruction of his own creatures but to live eternity to eternity. In the passage the word, death does not mean the physical disappearance rather the spirit, which may be lost forever. God bestows his life-breath on all he created and the just one will experience his immortality.

In the second reading, the soul perceives the need of the church in Jerusalem and therefore encourages those who are rich the duty to take care of the needs of the poor. Here it is the matter of selfishness, which is also the cause of death. Humanity can find the paradise of it become aware of one another’s needs.

 There are two miracles woven together in today’s Gospel. Jairus the official comes to Jesus in dependency seeking help to cure his daughter. Here is the message to the whole world that no one can stand independent in the sight of God; old, young, rich-poor, and strong weak all have to stand dependency and humility to be graced by him. The twin miracle is that the poor woman, not because of her insistence but because of the strong instance of her faith, power goes out of Jesus to heal her. Can my faith draw strength from the Lord?

Can Jesus look at me and tell take courage daughter, your faith has healed you?

Certainly, Jesus stands close to us holding the hand he calls us with the life-giving word “Thalithakum” he is the god of the living. He is the author of life. What else can he give to all those who approach Him with faith?

Let us draw towards Jesus with faith and hope like the woman. Let us insist Jesus come to our homes like Jairus. Come Lord do not delay amen.