Holy childhood celebration in the Parish Church

Holy childhood celebration in the Parish Church

Jue, 22 Feb 24 Comunidades

The celebration of the holy childhood day was held in the  Parish  St. Francis de Sales at Savanur on 7th February 2024.

 It was a special day dedicated to all children to reawaken their missionary spirit. and to create awareness about their role in their family,  parish,  the church, and the world at large. It was also to appreciate their active and lively presence and service in all the celebrations of the church.

 It was their day and they enthusiastically animated the Sunday liturgy with the entrance procession, readings, prayer of the faithful, and the offertory procession.

“Let the little children come to me” Mathew 19:4 quoting above Jesus words from the Gospel, we made them feel that Jesus loves them so much and he loves very much to be in their company. The Parish community celebrated this day with Children  by cutting the cake