IV Sunday of Lent

IV Sunday of Lent

Mié, 18 Mar 20 Lectio Divina - Año A

The liturgy of IV Sunday of Lent invites us to clear the three dimensions of the sights of a person.

In the first reading, the Lord sends Samuel on the mission of electing David as the King of Israel. Vs. 6-7 and 12 explains the contrast between the ways that the  human think, estimate and judge and the way God thinks, sees and estimates. Samuel guesses the chosen one of God. Here it is clear for us that God’s ways are as high above the heavens and our plans are as the earth beneath (Is 55:9). Indeed  we need to focus on Vs. 13 which says; that the moment Samuel took the horn and anointed David the Spirit of God takes possession of the person, the word says, “The Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day on.”  Every person called and chosen by God is filled and guided by His Spirit. So the psalmist encourages in the responsorial psalm 22 “ Even if I walk in the valley of darkness no evil would I fear because you are there with your crook and staff and with these, you give me comfort.” 

The person once possessed by the Spirit of God realizes the mind of God and acts as His representative hence in the second reading St. Paul urges us in Vs. 5:9 to discover the mind of God  and live a life of complete goodness, righteousness, and truth. It is easy for us to expose our goodness and achievements to keep our heads high, on the contrary; we hide our filth, evil ways, wickedness, sin, and shame. We believe dogmatically or on personal experience that every human being is sinful and unworthy before God, but we do not accept this fact. We think that we are all perfect and others are wrong so we remain eternally blind. Therefore, Vs. 11 admonishes us to wake from the slumber state that is to find the weak areas of our life filled with darkness, so let us dare to own them and expose to the light of Christ.  Vs. 13 says, “All that is exposed to the light will be illuminated and anything illuminated turns into light.” Paul assures us in 1Cor:12:9b “I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.” 

The Gospel depicts the life story of the man born blind in the Vs. Jn: 9:2 the disciples represent the contemporary world by posing the question about the cause of his blindness and Jesus takes it as an opportunity to introduce a new understanding of suffering, disability, and sickness as for the glory of God, to be revealed or for the salvation of the world. We see in a couple of places in the Scripture as the book of Job, the life of Joseph and the people of Israel in Egyptian slavery and the birth,  life, and death of Jesus, God devices His salvific Plan through these means. Nevertheless, there are also cases where people suffered because of their sin like the man at the pool of Bethsaida (Jn: 5:4), the paralyzed who was carried by the people to Jesus on a stretcher (Mk: 2:5). Drawing down the story it reveals that Jesus spat on the ground mixed the saliva with the mud and applied on the eyes of the man a process of purification which requires the struggle, as Jesus told the paralyzed that his sins were forgiven so he could have uttered a word but every healing has its effect So here the three-dimensional healing process takes place; that of the heart, mind, and eyes takes place.  Once we receive the sight, our life changes and the world realizes it (Vs. 8, 9) there the man gives witness to the light, who  stands for the Truth, defends the Truth even if excommunicated or expelled from life this is eternal life or life in Christ.   

In the Vs. 9:5 Jesus says, “As long as I am in the world I am the light of the world” let’s draw our attention on this point, Jesus means to say that there is no other light exists except me why because He is the eternal light, He is the beginning and end,  life for the creation  and death, etc. we proclaim in our faith which we learned in the word of God and He is that word. However, alas! The world is blind or rather we are blind in three dimensions of our life (Heart, Mind, and Eye). Can we dare to take a step to search the Desires of our hearts, thoughts and  our minds and let us check out our looks. Can we dare to take a step ahead towards the eternal light that is Christ who can only illumine the darkness of life? As we draw closer and closer to enter in union with Christ's  Suffering death and resurrection, let us implore the presence of Jesus and His blessings to become the children of Light. “Jesus Light of the world give us the  light to our sights and  light up our paths  Amen.”