Jubilee Celebration

Jubilee Celebration

Comunità Vita d'Istituto Fons Pacis (Shantidhara) - Valavayal - India

It is indeed a matter of great pride and honour for the Daughters of the Church: on the day of the jubilee celebration of, four dear sisters; Srs. Sherly, Shanty, Reesa and Valsa who completed 25 glorious years of their religious consecration. We do appreciate them for their selfless services and spirit filled personalities.

We thank the Almighty God for the inestimable gift of their life and precious religious vocation which is a journey with God. It is a fitting moment to acknowledge in the name of the church and Congregation, their generous contribution, selfless sacrifices, inspiring life and profound faith which made them to be the instruments of God’s unconditional mercy and Love.

The main celebrant his Excellency Rev.Dr.Varghese Chakalakal began the Solomon celebration of Eucharist with a note of appreciation to the jubilerians for their life of commitment, through which they added life and holiness of the church. The beautiful decked chapel, angelic choir and special prayers made Eucharistic celebration very meaningful and awe-inspiring. Followed by the Holy mass there were the moments for greeting, cutting of the Jubilee cake and sumptuous meal.

The celebration had begun on 19th may with the Holy mass by Rev. Dr. Bishop Varghese Chakalakal, continued with the week of encounter with the Lord, guided and inspired by our beloved bishop. On 25th evening there was reception for the jubilerians. The occasion of coming together did not remain in mere meeting and parting but it gave ample time to know about God and one another .The conclusion was with a brief determination to continue our fervour to see the Lord in His people.  

Wishes and God’s blessings to our dear sisters, upon the years ahead and on all the endeavours of their life.