Witnessing the joy of Life

Witnessing the joy of Life

Mar, 08 Mar 22 Testimonios

My name is Meghana. I am a Child of Ashraya children’s home, Savanur. I am studying in 6th std. I am expressing here my happiness and gratitude to my sisters and all of you, especially to CEI for blessing me and my friends with a beautiful and spacious home. 

I remember how I came here four years before. I was very small and I wasn't knowing basics of anything. When I came here, I saw like me seven more friends. We became so friendly to each other. The sisters helped us to learn the basics life skills and mannerisms. Those days we had a small room for sleeping and a classroom with little space and facilities.

But now we are so happy and excited to have a spacious home with all the best facilities. We have a big classroom, a refectory, dormitories, and a big courtyard for games.

 I love to see and take care of rabbits, lovebirds etc. I and my friends are so happy to live here. We hope and trust in God and all of you for our best future. Sisters are teaching us everything.

We make our life beautiful and promising to the society with your support.

Thank you so much...