Eat what is set before you

Eat what is set before you

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Sab, 05 Gen 19 Formazione Vita di istituto

The juniours and young finally Professed Sisters of Indian Delegation had gathered on 28-30 December 2018, to energise and refresh the journey towards the root of our charismatic family. The filial warmth and love which recharged us to radiate His light and love to the world that God exists and He is Love.

The capsule from the Gospel of St. Luke 10:8 'Eat what is set before you' medicated our spirits to set our hearts on the mission, to love Him and make Him known and loved. Rev. Fr. Philip K. C. SJ enlightened on 3 dimensions; to accept life as it is, to enjoy or fully involve yourself in doing what you do and as a by-product you will be infused with enthusiasm. The sisters were able to set an inward journey to ensure the pathway straight. There was also discussion on the personal challenges that each one faces on the journey. The visit to our sisters of Jeevandhara Community and the prayers, liturgy, fun, stay and outing made our hearts, mind and body relaxed.

On 29th December night the Sisters gathered for a quick Recap on the gathering, by then we had our renewed song book ready and Sr. Flomy our Delegate Superior handed us over in remembrance of Rev. Sr. Silvana. We also congratulated and thanked the Delegation team for leading us throughout these six years of our formative journey. We Expressed our gratitude to God and the Community of Prabhodini for the hospitality and the fraternity that we experienced and we returned to our respective Communities with much zeal and vigour.