Cherishable memories of Sr. Silvana

Cherishable memories of Sr. Silvana

Comunità Aurora Valde Rutilans (Arunodaya) - Bangalore - India

Reading the recent encyclical of Pope Francis “FRATELLI TUTTI”, reminds me of  Sr. Silvana Termignone, who was a woman, WITHOUT BORDERS. Her openness of heart, which knew no bounds and transcended differences of origin, nationality, colour or religion made her travel to India. Sr. Silvana’s fidelity to her Lord was commensurate with her love for her brothers and sisters. Unconcerned for the hardships and dangers involved, unconcerned of the unknown language and culture, she obeyed the design of the Lord and the desire of the Foundress, and journeyed towards an unknown country and planted the charism of the “Daughters of the Church” in Indian soil.

         Some of us had the  privileged to be formed under the strong direction of Sr. Silvana who is known as “Iron woman” in values, who imparted to “love Jesus and Jesus in Brothers and Sisters “Fratelli Tutti”.  

She was quite different from today’s world’s outlook, a hidden and holy soul even at the point of abandoning the proposal as Mother General of the congregation. It was not escapism but her sense of detachment to it. 

Today we recall with gratitude the simple and austere lifestyle of Sr. Silvana, who embraced suffering (sickness) as apostolate and demonstrated as a true Daughter of the Church until the last breath. 

On this occasion, we appreciate and rejoice for the gift of this heavenly soul who came forward to sow the seed of the charism of the Daughters of the Church in India, as Pope Francis exhorts in “Fratelli tutti” to go “outside the self” to find “a fuller existence in another”. Today we are 67 Daughters rendering our mission in action in 12 communities of 6 states in India and abroad: Italy, France, Philippines and Vietnam. 

At this peak time of suffering of the entire humanity with Covid-19, Sr Silvana may intercede for us Daughters of the Church along with our Foundress Venerable Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo and all the sisters of Mater Admirabilis. 

In remembrance of her 27th birth in heaven, our junior sister Venisha Mary composed with the support of the sisters this song in honour of Sr. Silvana Termignone (Our Amma; Vanapriya) and we wanted to dedicate it to her.