Love the least and bring out the best

Love the least and bring out the best

Comunità Solidarietà

A repeated call from Pope Francis to us, religious has been: move to the peripheries! Put the needs of the poorest and the most forgotten at the centre of our concern. The Indian delegation of the Daughters of the Church launched a new project “Foster Home”, for children from poor social and economical background who are orphans or semi orphans and have no access to healthy family life, good education and health care. This is an initiative to open the doors of hope to those who have very little. Our two foster homes, Ashraya foster home, Savanur with 8 children which was started on 1st June, and Arunodaya Foster Home, Bangalore from June 7, 2018 with 8 girl children intend to give best education to the children by providing them foster care up to 18 years. 

Our aim:  To provide children with a stable, nurturing and stimulating environment within the context of a positive, inclusive value based life style  and encourage children to be proud of who they are. To provide a service that works for the children and is focused on meeting their needs and fulfiling their potential. Foster care is a way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents. We believe that children of all ages do best when they are with family.  So, by providing them a home and a family atmosphere they grow up to be the best.

God will provide: As for the means to take care of these children, we believe in the providence of God as has been taught by our Mother Foundress Maria Oliva Bonaldo and the first Sisters.  Our ministry towards the poor is based on this trust in God.  And our motto for this new launched mission is trust in God, love the poor, have big dreams.

 “When I have found Thee, there is no mine and not mine everybody is mine”. If they are our own, and their needs become our core concerns, then working for them, and making them happy will make us “shepherds with the smell of the sheep”.  Love will make our work enjoyable, and we will go through the world as joyful witnesses to God’s incredible, tender love.