Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Sab, 21 Nov 20 Lectio Divina - Anno A


Matthew 25: 31-46 

This Sunday the Church celebrates the solemnity of Christ the King. In this world, we might be very familiar with the concept of the king and the Kingdom, but Christ has taught and manifested us about his kingship and the Kingdom; that which is never comparative to the kingship of the world that we live.

In the liturgy of this Sunday, we find the readings, which makes us reflect and introspect our life journey and ourselves. We might have the imagination of an ideal king as the one who makes his people, experience peace and comfort in his kingdom rather than creating conflicts. As per the teaching and the life of Christ Jesus on this earth, we would not have found Him exercising his power, living in a palace, instead, he would have been certainly found amidst the poor, marginalized, most despised and homeless of the society.

The Gospel of Matthew chapter 25 makes us comprehend, as the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of truth and life, holiness, justice, love and grace. It is not a Kingdom of power, prestige or politics. As those who call ourselves ‘Christian’ and follow Jesus, we are called not only to enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom but also to do all we can, to build and promote it here and now. We do this through how we live and treat others, especially those who are excluded and marginalized. We are called to be active participants not just silent spectators in the Kingdom of God. Scripture reminds us that ‘our love is not to be words and just talk, but something real and active.’ (1 Jn. 3.18).

Through his life death and resurrection, Jesus drew us to the Kingdom of God; a Kingdom where all belong. Today Christ calls and invites each of us personally to follow Him and to share in his mission through the quality of our daily lives. Each of us is now called and invited to cooperate with Jesus in his mission, to continue to manifest his Love and care to all without any exclusion.  

A follower of Christ is summoned to imitate the example and actions of Christ, to become a representative of Him and to use all his power and authority to serve the needy and most despised, near or far wherever possible. However, it sounds difficult but not impossible. As the followers of Christ, the king and the members of God’s Kingdom we are also called to live the lives of truth, holiness, grace, justice and love.