Sweet memories with Sr. Silvana

Sweet memories with Sr. Silvana

Sáb., 13 Out. 18 Filhas da Igreja

25th death anniversary of Sr. Silvana Termignone (1993-2018)
The Sisters from India would like to remember and share their experience of living with Sr. Silvana who brought the Charism of Daughters of the Church to India.

(To say something about Sr. Silvana I would prefer to keep silence because my words will be truly ineffective / insufficient... to describe what she was and what I feel.)

“Great are the works of the Lord to be pondered by all who love them."

I bless and thank the Lord for her presence and experience of life lived with her in India.

Looking back to those years when I joined the convent it was truly like a leap in the dark, but it was ofcourse into the hands of a sweet but strong mother who moulded me /us to what we are today.

Sr. Silvana was always a prayerful and contented person with whatever God had blessed her with. Her presence was certainly an eventful, meaningful and graceful existence. A person who was highly cultured, intellectual and rooted in Christ; she walked her life like a colossus taking the joys, sorrows, struggles and surprises of life in her stride and inspired the others to be  so in her own way. She had a knack of attracting anybody and was at ease with everybody. She had always been busy and hard working like a honeybee but able to find time for everybody at any hour of the day. A person who was capable of  entering  and assuming and easily adjusting to any culture and system of life in an innovative and creative way (inculturation), soft spoken but strong  and dynamic in her convictions. She was not a person looking for popularity or applause even appreciation for herself or for her works and achievements. Her motto was clear for her and she transmitted it at every moment i.e. "for the glory of God and for the salvation of the world". She was a humble straight forward and a wise leader. Her love for the poor and the needy speaks of God's choice for the less fortunate. Even when we had nothing (neither house nor proper living facilities) she practised it and inculcated it in us. With her simple life she taught me/us that a committed prayer life, a true sense of sacrifice together with a simple and transparent life takes one closer to God and his people.  There is no wonder that she is remembered even today by those who received her care and attention in those days.

Annie Navalayil GM