The International Migrants Day Gathering

The International Migrants Day Gathering

Dom., 14 Jan. 18 Filhas da Igreja Comunidades Vida do Instituto

The commission for the migrants in the archdiocese of Bangalore together with CRI Bangalore { president of CRI is Fr. Edward and the secretary is Sr. Regina} organized the annual international migrants day gathering at Good Shepherd auditorium (Sisters of the Good shepherd), Bangalore on 14thJanuary, 2018.

Around 700 participants comprising of North East, African ,Adivasi community from Jharkhand, Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, people from Orissa,  Hindi speaking communities from different states and other ethnic groups along with the fathers and sisters who are caring in various ministries for the migrants gathered for the programme. Most of them came for the programme in their traditional attires and showcased their cultural items. Fr. Edward Thomas SDB, the Joint Secretary of the commission and the President of Bangalore CRI welcomed everyone and expressed his gratitude for the response of the participants for making the day a memorable one.

The Eucharistic celebration was celebrated by Msgr. S. Jayanathan, the vicar general of the archdiocese of Bangalore, along with 9 con-celebrants who are involved in various ministries of the migrant community in Bangalore and helping as spiritual directors for various migrant communities. The eucharistic  celbration was enhanced with traditonal hymns by the different communites from Hindi speaking, African nationals and Nepali communities.

Archbishop Bernard Moras welcomed and assured support to every migrant community and individual who is in the archdiocese of Bangalore. He expressed his wholehearted support towards every concern of the migrants in the archdiocese and encouraged everyone to come out of their fear and live happily   ring of migrants. The commission make great effort to bring us together and thereafter followed by various cultural programme in which different communities showcase their traditional attire in the form of dance.  The BCCM (Bangalore Christian Community of Meghalaya), the NECCB (North East Catholic Community of Bangalore), the Nepali Christian community of Bangalore, the garment workers from Garo hills, members of the Chota Nagpur and Adivasi Community from Jharkhand added more enthusiasm and colour with their traditional singing and cultural events.