A day of joy

A day of joy

Qui., 18 Ago. 22 Vida do Instituto

I am Namitha Khakha of Sacred Heart of Jesus coming from Odisha.  The merit of what I am today is of my parents who helped me to grow in Christian faith and taught me to love Jesus, to read the Bible to recite the Rosary and to go to the Church.

The desire to become a sister grew in me when I was small. After 10th Standard in a vocation camp I met Srs. Sushanti and Rashmitha from the Congregation of the Sisters Daughters of the Church. Attracted by the Charism of the Congregation explained by the Sisters I expressed my desire and likeness to join the Congregation of the Daughters of the Church.

I was inspired and touched by the family spirit, togetherness, generosity in helping each other and living in the community as one family. I deeply admired and appreciate the charism, mission and activities of the Congregation. I feel proud to be and become a member of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Church. The words of Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo, “...that a Daughter of the Church is never alone in prayer the whole world is before her…” is the foundation of my prayer and inspiration to pray more for the whole humanity and of my own suffering humanity wherein I come from and witness to be a Christian and profess Christian faith is a great challenge. 

But feel much encouraged by the words of St. Paul 2 Cor.12:10 “when I am weak, then I am strong” with this conviction I believe with God everything is possible. And I remain firm in my vocation. I also strongly believe that with my Yes to God’s call I desire to bring all people towards Christ especially all those people who are being challenged by faith and with fear go away from the presence of the Lord and the Church supposed to be known and loved.

May the Lord fill me with the oil of faith, fervor and fidelity to keep me burning till the end of my life.