Call of God in my life

Call of God in my life

Qua., 13 Set. 23 Vida do Instituto

I am Lakra Deepika of St. Theresa of Child Jesus, hailing from Jharkhand. First of all, I thank the Almighty for his great love and blessing on my life. Thank you for your abundant grace and for the unexpected, unmerited favor you have showered on my life. I am grateful to my parents for their great sacrifice and for sowing the seed of Christian faith in my life. Their love, care, support, and prayers have helped me grow in the Lord.

The desire to become a sister grew in me when I was in the sixth standard, but I was scared. I completed my 10th grade. When my elder sister completed her 12th grade, she expressed her desire to join the convent. So, our parents suggested that she go and ask the parish priest about Religious Congregations because she did not know the names of many Religious Congregations. The parish priest was happy about her decision, so he contacted Sr. Sabini from the congregation of the Daughters of the Church and spoke about my sister. He informed her to be ready to go with the sisters. Meanwhile, Srs. Priyanka and Elizabeth, who were with Sr. Sabini in the community, came to our home with our parish priest. As my elder sister was getting ready to go, I too expressed my desire to go with her. I was attracted by the smiling and joyful appearance of the sisters. Without knowing anything about the Congregation of the Daughters of the Church, with much enthusiasm, we both left the house.

I am more attracted to the family spirit of our religious community. Living in the community as one family, with understanding and love in moments of ups and downs, is a remarkable characteristic of the Daughters of the Church. I appreciate the Charism, mission, and apostolate of our religious family. I am happy to become a member of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Church. I am greatly delighted with the words of Mother Maria Oliva: “From The Liturgy, we take the texts and to the Liturgy, we conform our thoughts, our sentiments, and our expressions.” My prayer life draws strength and courage from the Liturgical celebrations.

I am inspired by the words of St. John 15:16, “You did not choose me, but I chose you. And I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last." I firmly believe that not human will but His will be done. Apart from Him, I can do nothing, which makes my calling strong. As I wholeheartedly say YES to the call of God, I surrender myself totally to the mercy of the Lord. Trusting in the Lord, I desire to attract many more people to the Love of God, especially all those who are abandoned, downcast, all those who are away from the Lord and the Church.

May the Lord inspire and enlighten me with His love, faith, and hope. May He help me to stand as a lighted candle for others in the darkness until the end of my life.

Deepika Lakra of St. Theresa of child Jesus