Christmas Message -Superior General

Christmas Message -Superior General

Sex., 23 Dez. 22 Vida do Instituto

                                                    HOLY CHRISTMAS 2022

Dear Sisters, dear Sons of the Church and all friends of the Web,

Once again, the unconditional Love of God the Father gives us the gift of His Son Jesus, who comes to enrich our human poverty with His richness, to relieve the suffering of the world, to give hope of peace, to increase the joy of the encounter with Him and with one another.

Let us enjoy these Christmas season also without forgetting those who are most in need of our help, of the charity of a gesture, of a good word... then the Word will continue to settle down in our families and communities and it will make sense to wish us a Merry Christmas!

May Emmanuel - God with us - make us builders of peace, and may our prayer to Him become an effective weapon to obtain forgiveness and justice for all those who do not have it.

May Mary, Queen of Peace, with Jesus, show us the way to sow seeds of love and acceptance in our daily lives.

God bless us all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!