A woman of faith

A woman of faith

Dom., 14 Out. 18 Filhas da Igreja

25th death anniversary of Sr. Silvana Termignone (1993-2018)

The Sisters from India would like to remember and share their experience of living with Sr. Silvana who brought the Charism of Daughters of the Church to India.


I am convinced that Sr. Silvana is one among the holy women to be lifted on the altar of the Lord because of her lived love for the consecrated life.

I was privileged to be her novice (1984-1986) and also the first Indian novice who was formed outside Italy. During my novitiate I learned many of the human and religious values that I cherish even today. She has inculcated in me to be indifferent in my attitude to all the created things and configure myself to Jesus alone. I was inspired by her very sense of prayer, her belongingness to the mother Church, her love for the Congregation, her love for the poor, her restlessness to save souls, her appreciation for the inculturation and inter-religious dialogue, her discernment in screening the qualitative candidates than quantity.

All these above mentioned things are transmitted to me during my formative time and I do believe that has carved my life to a certain extent though not in its perfection. I am ever grateful to God who permitted me to have a close association with a holy person. Thank you.

Gracy Peechanavelil G