“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.( Mt. 5:3.)

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”.( Mt. 5:3.)

Dom., 14 Out. 18 Filhas da Igreja

25th death anniversary of Sr. Silvana Termignone (1993-2018)

The Sisters from India would like to remember and share their experience of living with Sr. Silvana who brought the Charism of Daughters of the Church to India.

With Immense love and gratitude I write about Sr. Silvana Termignone. She was my superior for 6 years and my novice mistress for 2 years. Sr. Silvana was a person who had a strong conviction about her commitment that I could experience in her way of life. She was a woman of prayer and lived what she preached in her earthly life. A cheerful and very tender hearted, Sr. Silvana had strong faith, great passion for Jesus, Mary, Church and the poor. She had enthusiasm and vigour to spread the good news. She lived and walked around like an Indian, adapting simple and poor life style. She was also a perfectionist in the liturgical preparation, chapel decoration, and upheld cleanliness, and neatness.  She was a good teacher and led an exemplary life. She adopted the Indian spirituality and took initiative to organize the inter-religious prayer service meeting.  She was very conscious about the social sin like wasting the water.   She was very alert to make woollen items without taking rest after the lunch. She proved herself that luxury and comfort are not the way for a religious. She had a genuine love towards each one of us. Her exemplary life enables me to face challenges of religious life.  I am sure that she is rejoicing and praying for each one of us in heaven.

Jolly Munduvelil PG