I will sing your praise forever, my Lord

I will sing your praise forever, my Lord

Dom., 25 Abr. 21 Vida do Instituto

I will sing your praise forever, my Lord; my lips will exalt your faithfulness. I will forever bless you and announce your name, forever I will sing to you.

I am Sr. Gitanjali of Divine Love, originally from the state of Odisha in India. I come from a small village called Dageshkal. I was born in a good, practicing Catholic family who taught me to live in abandonment to the Father. We are five children, much loved by our parents. I am grateful to God for my family, where I have learned a lot for my journey of faith, especially to live deep in my heart in a relationship with God and with others. "My soul magnifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in God my Savior because he looked at the humility of his servant"(Lk 1, 46-48). This Phrase from the Gospel of Saint Luke reminds me of the first time the Lord looked at me. I felt I am called by him and I perceived it as a deep voice in my heart: it was Jesus’ gaze, fixed on me, who called me to be his servant, simple and humble of heart, passionate about the Church and those most in need. Here I am! I said to the Lord: so was my vocation to become religious. 

When I finished secondary school I prayed intensely in front of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima kept in my village in a shrine on a hill, asking her to be able to be a nun in the church: "In any congregation, but I want to be a Sister in the Church". After the prayer, I went home and found my brother Priest, who told me about an Institute he had just met and which brought the name of "Daughters of the Church". I was surprised; I understood that my prayer had been answered and that the Lord had prepared the way for me to immerse myself in the great Mystery of his Church. On the journey of the juniorate, I felt I belonged fully to this Family, which struck me so much for the love for the Church and the Liturgy, for the communion among us with others. In my journey both in India and in Italy, the Sisters have helped me with their good examples to live in fidelity and simplicity to be a Daughter of the Church full of enthusiasm for the gift of God. Now I am very happy to say my Yes forever, to sing his love forever. I feel truly blessed because the Lord has chosen me as his inheritance.

What a joy it is to be with you, Jesus, alive and close; wonderful is to give praise to you. You are my Lord. What a gift it is to have believed in you, that you do not abandon me! I will live in your house forever, my King.