Jesus loves you dear

Jesus loves you dear

Dom., 14 Out. 18 Filhas da Igreja

25th death anniversary of Sr. Silvana Termignone (1993-2018)

The Sisters from India would like to remember and share their experience of living with Sr. Silvana who brought the Charism of Daughters of the Church to India.

The whispering voice of Sr. Silvana as she embraced and kissed me on the day of my entry into the convent, “Jesus loves you dear” echoes even today in my ears as a living and strengthening words of this great soul with whom I lived almost for five years of the initial stages of my religious life. Undoubtedly, these encouraging words boosted the person within me who was ever ready to step back from the first ever place in which I had stayed away from my parents and dear ones. I’m very grateful to God for having had given me Sr. Silvana as my novice mistress, a person modern yet faithful to the tradition, bold, strong in her convictions, ready to face challenges yet meek and genuine in her dealings especially with the poor and needy, very strict yet loving, straight forward and authentic. The word ‘lie’ was never to be found in the dictionary of her life and she would never compromise the truth. She was the first person who helped me realize my limitations and discover the true self and its beauty which I would have never thought of before.  When I found hard to reconcile with her corrections which would hurt my ego and to which I termed scolding, she would often remind me and console me with the first words she uttered in my ears. The last days of her life in India were very hard as she kept to herself all her sufferings of her sickness and tried to live a normal life, persevering till the end, even being present for our First profession.

“We are simply God’s servants and we do the work which the Lord has given us”, these often quoted words of Sr. Silvana from the letter of St. Paul were true in her life as she lived a very simple, inculturalized life in the midst of unknown challenges. As I’m unable to express verbally all the cherished memories of Sr. Silvana and the fear of repeating what others have already highlighted, I conclude here thanking the Lord for being able to share an unavoidable experience i.e., the privilege of carrying her coffin for a moment and to participate in her last journey.

Liza Pullankavumkal CIM