Third Sunday

Third Sunday

Dom., 26 Jan. 20 Lectio Divina - Ano A

Mathew 4: 12-23

  1. Opening Prayer:

Lord, as a mere menu in hand cannot quench our hunger nor nourish our body, we got to relish and digest the food to unlock its life-giving energy to support our health. Allow your Word to pierce our inmost being to let the light enter into its chambers and reveal the truth about each person. May your Word continue to be the two-edged sword of discernment to distinguish truth, from the falsehood, and God’s ways from human aspiration, Amen.

  1. Reading the text prayerfully and meditatively

                   Mt 4: 12-23

   A brief moment of silence to allow the Word to resonate within us


 let's try to focus on four points of the Gospel of today for our reflection and meditation.

  1.  Jesus settled down beside the lake of Galilee; A lake thickly populated by the fishermen and the Son of God gets settled beside those human beings to elevate the land of human beings into the land of God. Shall we go and live beside God as the Word was before He came to us? Or is our fragile life in the flesh
  2. The people lived that lived in darkness have seen the great light:

The world where faith is denied is immersed in darkness until the light comes into it. Christ, the light of nations, has come into the world and darkness has dissipated so that the light might shine. Let's allow this Light to come into our hearts to dissipate the darkness of pride, selfishness, and indifference from us.

  1. At once they left their nets and followed Him:

   At once, left, followed …. rather difficult to accept the words for our way of life. The call of Jesus is always an invitation, never an imposition, absolutely free to accept or to reject it. But once they answered the call and said “Yes’ there was no going back. They had not only to burn their boats but also their bridges. We need to be ready and prompt in responding to God by leaving whatever we are doing and attached to.

  1.  Prayer: (Ps 27: 1, The Lord is my Light and my Help)

  Yes, Lord, you are my light, help, and stronghold of my life. There is one thing I ask of you Lord and for this I long, to live in your house all the days of my life, to savour your sweetness and to, to behold your temple. Lord allow your word to take root in our hearts and bear fruit in our lives.

  1. Contemplation:

Lord may the waves of humanity not sweep me away, but may they become trails of communion for the fragile boat of my life journey. May I learn from you to launch into the deep to fish in the dark nights of the human story, when the fish are more prone themselves to be caught. At your Word, my, God I will cast the nets and when I bring the boats to shore, I will go on following the footsteps You have left on the shore of history.