We give thanks to you, O Lord among the people

We give thanks to you, O Lord among the people

Sáb., 20 Nov. 21 Vida do Instituto

It is His grace that made us what we are today, His steadfast love and unfailing fidelity gave us the urge to follow him and offer our life completely to him on this day with a lasting covenant.

On this joyous day of our Perpetual Profession we Sr. Bincy CIM, Sr. Gitanjali DA, Sr. Jyothilata SA,Sr. Priyanka SAP,Sr. Rashmita DM, Sr. Sushanthi GB, Sr. Swarnalatha GM remember very specially the words of Pope Francis: “to look to the past with gratitude… to live the present with passion… to embrace the future with hope”. Yes, we remember with gratitude, all who came on our way as God’s messengers to recognize, foster and strengthen our vocation in the religious family of the Daughters of the Church: Parish Priest, Sisters, teachers, formators, Delegate Superior and team, Mother General and her team etc. We remember all the opportunities we received especially in our religious family, to become who we are today.

We know this is not the end of our formative journey but it is the beginning of a new journey, where we are asked to give freely what we have received freely. With passion we take up this responsibility, yes we know “to whom much is given, much will be required” (Lk.12, 48). We know our journey will not be always smooth but we are following the Lord who conquered the world. So our future is not dark but filled with hope.

Rejoice with us all our dear ones, all our well-wishers; pray for us and bless us so that we may be a blessing in the place we are called to serve God and His people.